Dtibot is the official name given to the collective web crawlers we have and will place in service. If you are visiting this page it's probably because Dtibot accessed your website. Our web crawler is and will be used in connection with current and future services. Please be assured we make every effort to limit our use of your bandwidth.


We understand your bandwidth and server time are valuable. It is important for us that our bot be welcomed on  the internet as a well-behaved crawler. If you notice any unusual activity from Dtibot please report it to: support[at]dorn-technologies.com


If you have a problem or concern about Dtibot we would prefer to have the chance to address it but if you need to block Dtibot we do respect the robots.txt exclusion list. To block Dtibot from some parts of your site you can use the following example:

User-agent: Dtibot
Disallow: /logs/
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
In this example, /logs/ and /cgi-bin/ are directories that will be blocked to Dtibot and will not be crawled. Other parts of your site will still be crawled. To block Dtibot from your entire web site you can use this:

User-agent: Dtibot
Disallow: /